Styles of Conservatories

There are many different appearances in terms of design styles for you to choose from when it comes to, however, basically there are 3 very popular other conservatory designs:


victorianVictorian lean to Conservatories can let you be creative in the design, with elaborate details such as arched panels, corbels & dentils, maybe even deep eaves.

The classic look is with facets that give a rounded appearance – Three or five equal facets would be the norm but it’s not limited and they could also include features such as French doors to keep the character. Because of their rounded floor plans, you may have to take a bit of time to consider how & where your furniture will go in order to maximise the available space.


edwardianEdwardian conservatories can match almost any type of home as they are predominantly square or rectangular in floor-plan meaning that they can be installed even in places where space is tight.

One of the more noticeable aspects is their roof design which may have 3 or 4 sides depending on how it is located in regard to the adjoining property and gives good headroom.


georgianBoth the Georgian & Gable Conservatory design are rectangular or square for the basic layout and are quite symmetrical in the way they are laid out. Commonly, Georgian Conservatories have high lift roofing that could best be described as “vaulted” (quite similar to the Edwardian Conservatory), which makes the room very bright & airy.

With Gable Conservatories, the front of the room is similar in shape to the end or side of a house; the “gable-end”, so the roof only has 2 angles and slopes in from the sides of the conservatory.


Lean-to Conservatory DesignsWithout doubt, this style is the favourite for many “entry level” conservatory designs. The Lean to conservatory is very simple. 3 walls support a single sided sloping roof – for the most basic options.

Having a lean-to conservatory does not mean you cannot be individual or personalise it to your tastes. You can vary the type of doors, add a tiled roof, rotate the slope of the roof even.

Lean to conservatories are adaptable and great value for money.

Lean-to Conservatory Designs