UPVC Door Energy Ratings

For those homeowners who are going to fit double glazed front doors, one of the first things to check is the energy efficiency rating of the product you are considering by looking at the WER (Window & Door Energy Rating).

Window Energy Ratings (WER’s) are issued by the British Fenestration Rating Council and grade the whole window and frame together as one complete unit by categorising them alphabetically, with an A rating being the top – the rating is also based on ‘traffic lights’ so green is good, red is ‘danger!’

However, more and more window systems are exceeding the requirements of the A rating and so there are many uPVC Doors that can get A+ or even A ++ ratings for energy efficiency.

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Materials to choose from

 Double Glazed DoorsOne of the most popular materials to use for a front door is UPVC. This hard wearing and durable material works well for entrances. Many different designs, and colour options are in the market.

However, some  folks think they look to “plasticky” and are not big fans of UPVC front doors.

Alternatives such as Aluminium, Composite, Hardwood and engineered timber offer much more aesthetically pleasing visuals. They also deliver excellent results on energy performance and security.

However, Aluminium and Hardwood doors come at a premium price. A typical UPVC door could cost anything from around £500 to £750.  Whilst even the cheapest aluminium is going to cost over £1,5000. Composite doors cost around £1,100 to £1,500 for a standard sized installation.

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Heat Efficiency of Double Glazed Doors