Garden Room ConservatoriesOur fantastic canopy style garden room with extended straight sides provides all the extra space you need in an outdoor garden room.

Built to premium standards, this attractive, contemporary, eco-friendly garden room is the perfect addition for those looking for extra space in their home. Additionally, they’re an extremely cost effective manner to add extra living space to your home.

Our garden room spaces are used for a whole range of purposes by our previous customers and are known to be the ideal indoor space, outdoors. Used as everything from offices, to artistic studios and play rooms for children – they offer a bright, safe, top quality contemporary environment for families and individuals.

The Perfect Office Garden Rooms

Garden Room Conservatories

Ever wondered what is an Edwardian Conservatory? Our canopy garden room with extended straight sides is designed to not only look aesthetically very pleasing, but also to provide as much extra space as possible. Designed to look architecturally beautiful and also engineered to an extremely high standard, we take great pride in our fantastic garden rooms.

Fitted with double glazing, well insulated and clad to last for generations, an eco-friendly garden room is made to last the test of time. If you want more details, see our specifications page.

Garden Bedroom Pod

All rooms are built on site, allowing you to see for yourself the high quality of workmanship and materials that go into our designs.

Additionally, we also provide a bespoke service, which allows our customers the fantastic opportunity to create the ideal design for them based on images or sketches they love. Our builds make the perfect garden bedroom pod, office garden rooms, play areas or garden work space.

Like all our designs, our Canopy room with extended straight sides comes in three standard sizes. In most cases these rooms don’t require planning permission, something that’s very alluring and means you can build them within your current development rights.


Our garden room with a canopy and splayed extended sides has been designed to allow you to make the most of the wonderful outdoors in both rain and shine.

A garden room can be the perfect answer for families looking for extra space and make perfect financial sense. This particular functional, yet contemporary design of our garden room has been designed to satisfy our customer’s needs.

Contemporary Garden Rooms

Regularly used as a garden office, garden studio for music or even as a family room this particular garden room is often used for an array of purposes.

Featuring a canopy to reduce sun glare and also the perfect place for down lighters, this particular garden room has a distinctive and attractive architectural style. The addition of double glazing creates a bright, contemporary space, that makes the very most of its size.

Modern Garden Studio

Like all our buildings, the canopy room comes in three different sizes, each of which is priced competitively. All units are built to the highest standards and if you wish you can get a clearer view of the quality on our specifications page. We build all rooms on-site, allowing you the opportunity to witness for yourself the level of workmanship that goes into our rooms.

The flexibility of the sizes on offer also means that you have the maximum opportunity to install a garden building that will fit within your acceptable development rights and so results in not having to seek full planning permission.

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Garden Room Conservatories