What double glazing windows suit your home?

It is very important that you understand how to choose the best replacement windows as there are plenty of double glazing deals on the market, and you should make an effort to look for them. By doing so, you will be able to save yourself a lot of time and money.

If you do not have any idea how to get started, you may want to check out a few comparison websites, it is very easy to find a few of them on the Internet.

Double Glazing WindowsComparison websites will help you to find the best deals, and you will be able to save money on the latest designs. All you have to do is to look around and see if you can find something that you really like.

Fitting double glazed windows to a property is very popular in the UK. However, they break down into only a few basic design styles and these would be Casement Windows (including hopper windows), Sash Windows or Box Sash Windows and Tilt & Turn or Tilt & Slide Windows.

The primary difference between the different window designs lies in the way that they open and close.

  • Casement open outwards form the side top or bottom
  • Sash Windows slide up and down over each other, meaning you can only ever fully open one section at a time
  • Tilting windows open 2 ways, first is by tipping backwards into the room from the top of the window and second is by opening on the side hinges.

There are also options which allow the windows to slide open side to side, but you cannot have them tilted and open at the same time.

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